My Emergency Call Operator


Star MECO is such a new Genration Dynamic Product, within which there is convenience and security for the common man, efforts have been made to get a maximum collection of revenue for the government. STARMECO has prepared a great plan to ensure that road safety, accidents are minimized. With the help of the STARMECO app, many features have been put in this application, so that there should be minimum accidents, this is a business plan giving more security in a low budget, if any item of a citizen is lost or falls, then Star will help me find the item
STARMECO App shall be a specific tool for the client to save money and time.


To be healthy to be healthy

Unsafe in case of emergency

Activate your own card with Star MECO Distributor in a matter of seconds

The confidentiality of your phone number will be our responsibility "Liability for your phone information"

Can connect to connect in any way so you can scan it

For your convenience a telephone number is appropriate for all calls


When we imagine developing India, we see that the citizens of India are playing their important role in the development of India, during which they have to travel a lot and carry many types of gadgets with them and when they fall. Or if it is lost, it is very sad and there is loss in business, to avoid this, STARMECO Tech has prepared a product named "Star MECO", Star MECO World's one of its own unique user friendly It is a product which is unique in itself. History of mankind. Star MECO will be the greatest gift ever for every item we want to ensure its safety, Star MECO will play an important role in this, your item that has Star MECO sticker on it, in case that item is lost, Star MECO If someone finds an item that will be of use to you and sees a Star MECO sticker, he can scan it with any of his scanner apps and contact you according to the function given on it.

If you are driving and your vehicle gets into an accident, in that case anyone can scan the Star MECO sticker on your vehicle with the scanner app or PayTM app and inform your family that your blood group Whether you have any disease or not like BP sugar or thyroid, so that you can be treated in the hospital on time, such important things are also given in it.

Why choose us?

Why should you listen to us This is a big question for your service but the answer is very simple because we are something different and unique from others Our company is 9001 certified We have a strong team of learned professionals behind us and all the facilities and services we offer today are providing they will make your life easier in future with more new features.


Easy to Open

Easy to Call

Easy to Operate

Time Saving

Life Saving

Easy to Connect your Careone